Recent Work


Online presence for forward-thinking design and branding firm Plazm Media. Packs an 80-page design portfolio, typeface catalog and online store, magazine archive, and live news listings into a clean, flexible layout.


NarrativeLab Communications’ “Lab” introduces an abstract service― strategic storytelling― by showing it in action, weaving intriguing tales throughout the compact site. NarrativeLab tells the story in its own words thanks to a custom content management system. Graphic design by Jon Steinhorst.

A bright, spacious showcase for bold graphic design. Visual design by Shauna Steinbach, interaction and development by On.

On Media.
Direct. Functional. Intuitive.

On Design

Includes you as a partner.

Tests early and often.

Applies ten years of award-winning experience.

On Development

Emphasizes reliability, flexibility, and compatibility.

Employs time-tested, proven methods.

Embraces the latest technological advances.

On Delivery

Fulfills your needs from the start.

Supports and enables future growth.

On Budget

Rates to suit individuals and organizations of all sizes.

Affordable for artists, entrepreneurs, and small businesses.

Welcomes non-profits and government agencies.

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